Cinématic Café in Musashino

It is a sort of art café where everyone freely discusses each other, following our introduction talk to films, animation, literature, manga, architecture, cities, art, music and subculture works on a single theme. The point is to share how each participant perceives and interprets the meanings they receive from these works. An easy-going atmosphere, accessible even to first-timers, no conclusions are drawn, just as go with the flows… No specialist knowledge is required. People who want to broaden their horizons, who are outside their field but have some interest, and who just want to know and listen are also welcome. Previous Cinématic Cafés and their subjects

23 December 18:30-20:00 Subject: Boundary [Call for participants]

A ‘boundary’ and ‘border’ are something that separates or divides something from something else. However, when seen through artworks, it is not only that but also something that can be seen because it is on a boundary, something that transcends the boundary and conversely shows a connection. There is a visible border and an invisible one too. After introducing films, literature, architecture, artworks, etc. which feature Border(lines) impressively, we will discuss and reflect on the atmosphere created by the works.

Possible reference, from left to right “Border Line” Estudio314, “Kazoku (family) Game” Yoshimitsu Morita, “1q84” Haruki Murakami

500 yen (including materials) Please feel free to bring your own drink.

How to participate

Booking is required (capacity of 10 people)

Please book in advance by email with your name and contact details


Space A, 3F Musashino Place 2-3-18 Sakaiminami-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo (access)

One-minute walk from Musashisakai station of JR Chuo Line and Seibu Tamagawa line