Theory of Cinematic Architecture


Villa Savoye(1931)Le Corbusier

Until now, architects who legibly and particularly describe film and design ‘cinématic’ objects are not more than Robert Mallet-Stevens, Ryoji Suzuki, Bernard Tschumi, Steven Holl and Rem Koolhaas. Recently, a book about Le Corbusier’s admiration of films and photographs, ” LC Foto, Le Corbusier, Secret Photographer ” (2013) was published by a publisher in Swiss. The book closely exposes his interest in film with his 16mm film clips and photographs he took.Did Corbusier see‘Battleship Potemkin’by Sergei Eisenstein in 1925? Is the Villa Savoye influenced by the film in terms of cinematic sequence and its spectacles? We researched the Villa again in 2015 and became sure it’s an architecture of sequence.