Theory of Cinematic Architecture


Kikuzaka Reflection (2015), Eriko Iwadate

How do we expound on architecture? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, it has been defined as follows:

  1. Buildings that people use. Art or science to build it.
  2. Public, military, housing, religion, ship facilities, workpieces (such as bridges).
  3. However, the word “architecture” until the mid-19th century, had been exclusively regarded as art.
  4. The action or process of building. arch. Specific methods for structure and decoration detail of a building or “style”.
  5. Architectural work; structure, building. Computing. Structure concept and overall logical structure of the system, and act to realize them.
  6. Construction or structure generally.
    (The special method or ‘style’ in accordance with which the details of the structure and ornamentation of a building are arranged.)
  7. Computing. The conceptual structure and overall logical organization of a computer or computer-based system from the point of view of its use or design; a particular realization of this.


Also, in order to get closer to the meaning of “architecture” especially in Japan, in a book “Architecture” (2009 · NHK Publication) in which Hiroki Azuma, a modern philosopher, mainly edited, he describes “The term ’architecture‘ means ‘building’, social design, and ‘computer system’. We are living in a world dominated by ‘architecture’ and not by ‘ideology’ any longer. What we need now is a criticism of ideology but on ‘architecture’”. In addition, a special researcher of information technology, Hamano Satoshi, defines architecture as “In the city of the modern world, it is considered that architecture is not just building but an integral comprehending underlying grids with the generating force”.

Ménilmontant, Paris, Stephan Doesinger (Diploma Unit 3)