Join Us

Looking at our website, anyone who is sympathetic to our philosophy and activities can join us as a member regardless of expertise, skill, experience and age. Anyone who is willing to know more about the philosophy of cinematic architecture, broaden their perspective, discover new things, express something and work cooperatively will be welcomed.

Expressing and talking about anything relating to film, architecture, urbanism, art, cultural representation, philosophy or subculture with us, will give you intellectual and creative impetus. There are some extra programmes for the members such as art gallery excursions, study tours, internal workshops or exchange meetings with overseas guests. We’re working mainly in the Chuo-line area, Tokyo and we sometimes visit the City of Yokohama and also to Toyama prefecture a few times a year.

Why don’t you share sensibility and intelligence to enhance each other by joining us?

*We’re currently spending time researching and studying due to the Coronavirus pandemic though online communication is active.

How to apply

In fact, we’re looking for someone who is applying either MEMBER or VOLUNTEER by attending If you would like to physically attend to our events and activities after finding out the CAT’s schedule, please let us know when you could by email. You can also join us online if you’re outside Tokyo. Any enquiries are welcomed.