ESSENTIAL WORKSHOP: What is Cinematic Architecture?

Date: 25 January 2015
Venue: JSURP PLACE, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

First, experiments in Pascal Schöning’s diploma unit in the Architectural Association, London and the developmental redefinition of ARCHITECTURE and SPACE by Cinématic Architecture Tokyo referring to Marcus Vitruvius Pollio‘s and other related ideas and thoughts by architects, theorists and critics in overseas were introduced.

Second, the descriptions and examples that are not familiar in Japanese cinématic architecture by architects, theorists and critics overseas in books and magazines were presented to reveal its vision of the future.

Then the discussion after the main sessions was creative as we talked about the relationship between film, architecture and urban space as well as the meaning of ‘place’ in sculpture. It’s expanded variety of directions. It’s sort of surprising that some people in Tokyo are interested in such a unique subject.