ESSENTIAL WORKSHOP: Watching Films Architecturally

Date: 15 March 2015

Venue: JSURP PLACE, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

In the first part, a lecture, Watching Films Architecturally took place, introducing subjects like ‘The architecture and urban design that films suggest’, ‘ Texture and Materiality’, ‘Filmmaker’s thoughts on architecture’, ‘Filmic space that architects found’ ‘Theory of time, space, movement and memory in film and architecture’, ‘Film Theatre and Projection’ and ‘Image of Architects in Films’.

Then in the second part, the question, What is your architectural film?’ was asked and we discussed the subject with college, post-graduate students, architects and artists. We especially discussed the ‘Image of the Architect’ and a problem that in general film is based on and stays in the past and building is expanding time towards the future.