Workshop: For the Sake of Anyone Who We Might Not Have Seen Yet SEASON 08

art café
Date: 03 November 2023
Date: 04-05 November 2023
Venue: LocaLab. Toide
Date: 04 November 2023
Venue: Sugimoto House


It was a three-day art café and workshop. The venue was a co-working space under renovation in a corner of a shopping street along an old main street, run by an entrepreneur from Ishikawa Prefecture. At the café, several films, animation, manga and literary works set in the Hokuriku region were introduced, followed by discussions on their appeal with local participants.
In the two-day workshop that followed, the participants discussed how they had discovered ‘the way of life, ideas and dreams of Hokuriku women’, ‘activities for town development (attempts to improve the town)’ and ‘wellbeing (what is important for living)’ in previous workshops based on these films, and this workshop was a development of those discussions, This time, as a development of these activities, the participants depicted what they sensed while considering the ‘connections’ and ‘reasons for connections’ as a process leading up to these activities.
On the final day, a projection on an old house was realised at the request of a local community development worker.
An overview of the event was later featured in a local newspaper.


*The title of the workshop ‘For the Sake of Anyone Who We Might Not Have Seen Yet’ was taken from the phrase in the novel, ‘The Phoenix Tree ’ by Satoko Kizaki (1985) where the novel is set in a location nearby the venue.

Special thanks to
LocaLab. Toide

Supported by
Kitanihon-Shinbun Newspaper Inc., The Art and Cultural Bureau of Toyama Prefecture, The Cultural Board of Toyama Prefecture, The Culture and Creation Bureau of Takaoka City

Produced and curated by keiichi Ogata