Workshop: For the Sake of Anyone Who We Might Not Have Seen Yet SEASON 07


Date:22~23 October 2022

Lecture ‘Depicted women in the Hokuriku region’

Date:29 October 2022

Projection ‘Takaoka Illusion 2022’

Date:29 October 2022

Venue: Private Lodge Kyonsa

Takaoka Se07 1

The event, held for the first time in three years in the local city of Takaoka in Toyama Prefecture, was organised by CAT in collaboration with the local NPO. The theme was the same as in the past: an attempt to think about, discuss and express feelings about the women depicted in films, novels and so on in this conservative area. The aim is to discover new ways of living by reading hints, visions and well-being for community development from the background of the works. The programme consisted of four days of talks and discussions about the women depicted in the Hokuriku works, followed by the production of collages and drawings with some advice from CAT staff. On the final day, the projection ‘Takaoka Illusion 2022’, in which previous expressions were projected onto the venue’s old house, brought the event to a close.

Takaoka Se07 2

Co-organised by
Non-Profit Organisation N-Project Hito, Michi, Machi (human, roads, town)

Supported by
the Toyama Prefecture’s 10 Million People Collaborative Promotion Project
Kitanihon-Shinbun Newspaper Inc.

Special thanks to
Kiyoto Seiken, Hokuriku Kurasu Corporation
Private Lodge Kyonsa

Takaoka Se07 3

*The phrase ’ For the Sake of Anyone Who We Might not Have Seen Yet’ is taken from a dialogue of Satoko Kizaki’s Akutagawa Literature Prize-awarded novel, The Phoenix Tree (1985) which is located in the city of Takaoka.