Intercommunion: With the Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Date: 03 March 2018


An intercommunion with Studio B3 in the Oslo School of Architecture and Design Professor Rolf Gerstlauer with his students and Cinématic Architecture Tokyo began with the contact by the assistant Mr. Chungkun Ma originally from Shanghai. They also study the theories of something between film and architecture. We get acquainted by exchanging things in common. The impressive words by Mr. Gerstlauer who used to work for Peter Zumthor were ‘outcome nowadays as architectural consequence should be re-generated taking outside contents and it’s important to be careful to the inconspicuous things*. Taking those discovered things, we should create an intellectual challenge’. He also uses film theories with the idea. We felt we have very similar visions as we have but without consumption and preoccupation, it’s important to intuitively discover something in each part of the process using the pieces of expressions we’ve been generating. We felt we had a connection even though we studied a unique subject. They kept on moving to Kyoto and then the Chugoku region of Japan to research the relationship between Japanese traditional architecture and people’s behaviour after the meeting.

* Inconspicuous: It is a similar idea to Internationale Situationniste’s methodology ‘dérive’ which Mr Masaru Senda mentioned several times in Café Cinématique presented by Cinématic Architecture Tokyo.