TALK + PRESENTATION: Leeds Beckett University

Date: 09 March 2017
Venue: Leeds Beckett University, School of Architecture ( West Yorkshire, UK )


Cinématic Architecture Tokyo director, Keiichi Ogata had a talk and presentation about their approaches and works in the Leeds Beckett University, School of Architecture in the north of England as he was invited by Sarah Mills, architect and Course Leader for the Master of Architecture. And he helped the jury giving some advices to the students who had the sited in Tokyo.
As MIlls’ studio has been positively embracing film languages and methodologies based on documentary filmmaker’s eyes and techniques as analysis of urban issues and architectural expressions they contacted Cinématic Architecture Tokyo finding similarity to Tokyo side in the previous year then it became the project of Exhibition ”The Catalytic Commoning: The Design Approach for Urbanism and Architecture” in Tokyo in 2017 presented by the Kyushu University. During the staying in Leeds Ogata visited Yorkshire Sculpture Park and to an architectural firm, Ginger Group who is actively widening their field to all over UK for unique refurbishments of historical buildings and challenging urban developments.