Café Cinématique: Histoire et Architecture 1e ~ Réhabilitation d’espace urbain en France

Date: 25 July 2015


In the talk by the invited guest, Masaru Senda he explained an avant-garde group, the International Situationist movement that was active during the 1960s in art, culture, society and politics as well as architect’s projects and were influenced by Bernard Tschumi and Nigel Coates. He emphasised actual ways of reusing the elements of the cities by reinterpreting existing urban spaces in France by using the case of a film, Ameri aka Le fabuleux destin d’Amélie Poulain (2001).

In the following discussion, we talked about cities, architecture and films in France and that was a meaningful time. The audience was mainly younger like college students, and teachers who are not only from architecture or urbanism but from advertisement and environment.