Urbanism + Architecture Workshop: Creative Approaches on Cities

Date: 4 – 16 September 2010
Venue: Institute of Industrial Science, the University of Tokyo

It’s the first experimental workshop. Expanding and crossing the thoughts to the various areas like urbanism, architecture, film, art, literature and so on, it is to discover and explore the futuristic urban vision, inspiring each other.

Taking an analogy of the Tokyo Sky Tree which was under construction in 2010 and the Tokyo Tower (or the Eiffel Tower in Paris), the attendants were asked to express the meaning of the Tower as a symbol of the city in any creative way by talking about the film technique. The works were all unique such as a cartoon that is over-rapped with ironical urban history, a collage indicating the death of the city and a conceptual painting.

After the workshop, a jury and lecture took place inviting Rubens Azevedo and Julian Löffler as the guests who are former Diploma Unit 3 students of the Architectural Association School of Architecture.
(Supported by Takaaki Kato Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, CALT)