Activities of Cinématic Architecture Tokyo


Ogata, Keiichi

Director of Cinematic Architecture Tokyo. He studied cinematic architecture under a Professor Pascal Schöing at the Architectural Association in London.

Yanagihara, Hiroshi

Landscape architect. He studied urbanism in a master’s course at the Architectural Association.

Ishiguro, Miyu

Studied architectural planning at Kanazawa University Graduate School and currently working as a town planning consultant.

Mori, Erina

Designer. She currently works in Berlin.

Nakashima, Masumi

Worked for a building materials manufacturer. She paints watercolours.

Nemugaki, Madoka

She works on social activities thinking of care and communication design.

Shoji, Tomoko

She recently runs a café in Tokyo.

Sugano, Kyoto

Architecture model designer. She is fond of sub-cultural things, avant-garde architecture and art.

Tobe, Takaki

After studying at the School of Environment and Society in the Tokyo Institute of Technology, he currently works Ministry of Land and Infrastructure.

Yonehara, Masao

Artist, Gardener