Activities of Cinématic Architecture Tokyo


Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners(JSURP)

The Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners is a non-profit organisation to makes towns (cities and their surrounding areas) that are places where people live, work and enjoy safe, comfortable and beautiful areas. Cinématic Architecture Tokyo is designated as one of their official study groups.

Cinematic Architecture Seoul

Based in Korea. An architect, Jean Taek Park is leading the Cinematic Architecture Seoul based in Korea and is from Diploma Unit 3 (Pascal Schöning ‘s studio ) of the Architectural Association, school of Architecture. Cinématic Architecture Tokyo is in cooperation with them in terms of promotion and creative development of the theory of Cinematic Architecture between Korea and Japan.


Based in Chile. They’re researching for the meaning and design to come out from films and mangas relating to architecture, hosting the architectural film festival opened to the world seeking for analogies from the works coming around the world.


Based in Portugal. Not just architecture and film they are expanding their exploration towards literature too, hosting the architectural film-making seminars. The attendants can earn even academic credits. They also publish written materials.

SİNETOPYA | Archltecture City and Film Atelier

Based in Turkey. Working on an archival approach to film and architecture in which we seamlessly see various things and get information. They also host seminar series discussing how to translate archives on architecture for the future.