Cinématic Architecture Tokyo (CAT) is a group for creation of architect, artist, designer and historian based in Tokyo. They are exploring an idea called 'Cinématic Architecture' originally came from Europe and experimenting to integrate film with architecture since 2012. Cinématic Architecture Tokyo is designated as one of their official study-group of Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners (JSURP).

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1. Fusion thought with experimentation of film and architecture

Focusing on architecture and film which are completely different media at first glance in particular by fusing and deepening the meaning the narrative and the construction, we are exploring and experimenting the theory and the new media created by these approach. It is, so to speak, a work to define Cinématic Architecture.

2. Expanding the possibilities of new design by connecting multiple genres

Like architecture, urban planning, film, art, web and design … there are things we can refer the process in other fields each other and possibly deal with in universal ways in the process of development and conceiving. We are seeking for possibilities of compositive solutions to the problems by collaboration crossing different genres.

3. Attempt with unique design program in Japan

We emphasis a "process-oriented" design especially the process from observation, interpretation, finding motivation, development, to conclusion. We believe that set up the assuredness and importance of the project and to be an suitable appearance to come out. We are through the workshop, such a method, in other words, we have to practice the philosophy of "excellent work comes from excellent process."

4. Presenting urban visions

Our works are aiming at not only individual design exploration but also interests and approaches to urban spaces. They will be a presentation of visions to cities no matter how big or small they are.