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Workshop|(re)DISCOVER YOKOHAMA SEASON3 “Look at the Crystal Ball”

What do you see in Yokohama? It is a trial to rediscover the image of city of Yokohama and time that is becoming invisible recently, by re-editing and re-constructing sub-cultural media such as film, literature, music, anime and manga, crossing space and time. SEASON 3’s subject, ’Look at the Crystal Ball’ is an approach to anticipate and overview the future of the city by searching for the reason why especially SCI- Fi films and other media have been taken place there.

Students, business-person, people who is interested in those media or Yokohama are all welcomed to join. The workshop is aiming at representation of Yokohama enjoying the process with our unique and art-based method, bringing your favorite works on Yokohama in your mind. Any creative skills and experiences are not necessary. Why don’t we share each one’s image on City of Yokohama to find out the things forgotten and the future together?

    Date & time:

  • 2019
  • 14 January 14:00-16:00 Session 01 VenueB
  • 03 February 14:00-16:00 Session 02 VenueA
  • 10 March 14:00-16:00 Session 03 VenueA
  • 29 April 10:00-16:00 Session 04 Kohoku Newtown Excursion
  • It’s a walkabout around highlights of the Kohoku Newtown.
  • 19 May 14:00-16:00 Session 05 VenueB
  • 23 June 14:00-16:00 Session 06 VenueB
  • 21 July 14:00-16:00 Session 07 VenueA
  • 25 August 14:00-16:00 Session 08 VenueA
  • 16 September 14:00-16:00 Session 09 VenueA
  • 22 October 14:00-16:00 Session 10 VenueA
  • 10 November 14:00-16:00 Session 11 VenueA
  • 8 December 13:00-16:00 Session 12 VenueC
  • 22 December 14:00-16:00 Session 13 VenueD
  • The Season 04 will begin 12 January 2020. (The detail will be announced soon in this website.)
  • You can attend all or each (one day) session.
  • If possible please have a look at any one of Reference for SEASON 03 for you to realise the methodology easier.
  • Voluntary stuff is now wanted. (You can have a closer look at CAT’s unique approach from the beginning to the end of the project.) Please contact us by email for the details.

A. British House in Yokohama

115-3 Yamate-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 231-0862 Japan (access)

B. Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall

1-6 Hon-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 231-0005 Japan (access)

C. Yokohama Citizens Empowerment Centre

Discussion Room, 4F Clean Centre Bldg. 1-1-56 Sakuragi-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi 231-0062 Japan (access)

D. Naka Ward Community Activity Centre Seminar Room2

Naka Ward Administration Office Bldg. 35 Nihon-Odori , Naka-ku 231-0021 Japan (access)

1,000 yen (Employed), 500 yen (Student, Unemployed)

How to apply:
Please email us with your name, contacts and name of your school or profession.

Supported by:
Yokohama Arts Foundation, The Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners

Reference for SEASON 03:

Shin Godzilla(2016), Swallowtail Butterfly (1996) and others
Mirai (2018), Koi to Aso (2017),Hamatora (Yokohama Troubleshooter) (2016), Bungo Stray Dogs (2014), Kokoro Connect (2012), Absolute Boy [Zettai Shonen](2005), Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō(Yokohama Shopping Trip) (1998, 2002) and others
Yokohama Station Fable (2016), Inter Ice Age 4 (1959) and others
Bungo Stray Dogs (2012), Yokohama Kaidashi Kikō(Yokohama Shopping Trip) (1994)

You can take the material even if there is only one part of Yokohama as it’s very impressive for you.