Café Cinématique
Histoire et Architecture 3e: Réhabilitation d'espace urbain en France ~Bretagne

Our exploration in Cinématique Café this time is urban spaces created by analysing images discovered in cities. Masaru Senda from France will introduce the contemporary way of re-construction in France, which applies local culture by re-interpreting and transform existing urban elements. Bretagne where there is full of natural features with characteristic tradition and history. The Celtic came from England made the province and it has been separated from other French domains. This time he introduces the reconstruction and refurbishment.
This is a casual café event anyone interested in the media will be welcomed.
The talk is only in Japanese but you could speak in English or French in the following discussion.

Date & time:
30 July, 2017
14h00- (The door opens at 13h00) Introduction,
Talk and Discussion 【Gathering afterwards 16h00-】

JSURP Place (Office of JSURP [Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners])
2nd Floor, Katori Bldg.ANNEX 2-10 Ogawamachi, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo, Japan (access)

1000 yen (with profession), 500 yen (student, unemployed) , Gathering 500 yen (one drink included)

How to apply:
You can come in & join us with no reservation. However, if you email us your name in advance that will be appreciated as for our document preparation.

Presented by:
Cinématic Architecture Tokyo

This event is supported by the Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners.

Special Thanks to:Prof. Ron Kenley (L'école nationale supérieure d'architecture de Paris-La Villette - ENSAPLV ) and Cinematic Architecture Seoul.

Masaru SENDA
Architect DESA, is installed in Brittany in France. Born in Kawasaki in Japan, had a graduate of Architecture department of Hosei University, and worked at the architectural office in Tokyo. In 1990, he continued his studies at diploma school of the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London. He takes degree of the Ministry of Construction of the Government of Japan in 1996. After he worked as a consultant architect SCI ESPACE in France. In 2005, graduated of the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris. He establishes his studio in relation with renovation, temporary event project and urban development.
Masaru SENDA Website
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Cinématic Café is a space where many kinds of people comes and talk about a theme as if we talk about a film in a café after seeing it in cinema, taking something cinématic as a datum.
CAT is aiming at creating a place in order to contribute for people to sophisticate their comprehension on culture and to promote their networking and inspiration by generalising the view point of film, architecture, urbanism, design and art.
A presentation by CAT members as a main program we are providing events that many kind of people could enjoy. Having a drink in one hand, please come along and have a fun time in Cinématic Café.