Looking for New Members

Looking at our website, anyone who is sympathetic to our philosophy and activities can join us as a member regardless of expertise, skill, experience and age. Anyone who is willing to know more about the philosophy of the cinematic architecture, broaden the perspective, discover things newly, express something and work cooperatively will be all welcomed.

Expressing and talking anything relating film, architecture, urbanism, art, cultural representation, philosophy or subculture with us, you will gain something. There’re some extra programmes for the members such as art gallery excursions, study tour, internal workshop or exchange meetings with oversea guest in which we all enjoy creatively and it’s all liberty to participate. We’re working mainly in Musashino Place in Musashino City, Tokyo and we visit City of Yokohama every month and also to Toyoma prefecture for a few times in a year.

Why don’t you sharing sensibility and intelligence to enhance each other by joining us?

In fact we’re looking for someone who is applying either MEMBER or VOLUNTEER. Please contact us by email.


Anyone who is mostly able to participate and study and express with us to either or all of workshops or café event take place in Musashino , Tokyo or Yokohama, Kanagawa or Takaoka, Toyama. Any expenses are not paid but entree fees for all the CAT’s events are all exempted.


Anyone who is able to help us participating the event above in your free time. It would be appreciated if any of them bellow. We treat you equally as a MEMBER. Any expenses are not paid but entree fees for all the CAT’s events are all exempted.

  1. Management

    Working on the managing participating events
  2. Publicity

    Outgoing information (SNSs), distribution (flyers or etc.)
  3. Overseas (incl. learner)

    Translation of webpages, SNSs, on site
  4. Utilisation

    Utilise unused ability or knowledge
  5. Other

    Experiencing anything possible even in the small part