Cinématic Café in Musashino

We’re presenting time for talk and discussion taking film, anime, literature, manga, architecture, urbanism and art. Choosing one subject every time though we don’t aim for the conclusion. We also introduce media relating to the local city, Musashino. The café session is always in the relaxed mood that everyone can easily access. We might have study session and invite special guest from abroad at times. No special knowledge and experience are necessary. People who wants to see things more broadly, who is interested in the subject only a bit and who is from different background including anyone just want to know or listen are all welcomed to pop in the event. Enjoying new discovery, sharing knowledge and empathy, we hope you’ll enjoy Cinématic Café.

Date & time:
[Postponed] 22 February 19:00〜20:30 Subject: Pandemic (on film, art, philosophy and architecture)
21 December 19:00〜20:30 Subject: Various Christmas (on film, art and architecture)
05 October 19:00〜20:30 Subject: On Mirror (on film, art and architecture)
10 August 19:00〜20:30 Subject: Blue (on film, art and architecture)
15 June 19:00〜20:30 Subject: On Journey 2: Space - time Travel (on on film, art and architecture)
10 February 19:00〜20:30 Subject: On Journey 1: Road Trip Film (experiencing on film, art and architecture)
27 January 19:00〜20:30 Subject: Through the Window 2 (with screen or frame on film, art and architecture)
16 December Subject: On Circle (on film, art and architecture)
18 November Subject: Through the Window… (on film, art and architecture)
28 October Subject: Seeing the Moon (on film, art and architecture)
23 September Subject: The Representation of Torres Blancas de Madrid
(Invited guest, Spanish photographer Ms. Ana Amado will represent the masterpiece building also featured in film ‘The ddmits of Control’ with her images.)
12 August Subject: Memory Vol.2 (on film, art and architecture in terms of time, space and landscape)
15 July Subject: Memory (on film, art and architecture)
10 June Subject: Silence (on film, art and architecture)
8 April Subject: Shall we talk about Shadows? (on film, art and architecture)
18 February Subject: Shall we talk about ddght? (for film, art and architecture)

* The following Sessions will take place almost every other month
*Voluntary staff will be welcomed. Helping our events, you’ll get a closer look at CAT’s approach. Please contact us by email.

Musashino Place (2-3-18 Kyonan-cho, Musashino-shi, Tokyo)(access)

500 yen (incl. brief paper)

How to apply:
Advanced reservation required as have 10 seats only.
Please email us with your name, contacts and name of your school or profession.
You can still pop in if there’s any spare seat available.

Presented by:
Cinématic Architecture Tokyo