Café Cinématique: Histoire et Architecture 3e Réhabilitation d'espace urbain en France ~ Bretagne

It is third Café Cinématique: Histoire et Architecture (Narrative and Architecture) with a talk of Masaru Senda. He introduced 1996 French film, A Summer's Tale (French: Conte d'été) in the beginning and presented a question “Is it possible for architecture tells a story to the visitors through its spaces as author of novel does?”.
Then he talked about narratives of architecture and space give some influence such as pilgrimage that visitor remembers the drama, trace of the trajectory by Google Map and transformation of words forms a new story of town by sns’s talks involves in recognition of space and place.

He explained about methodology ‘dérive’ that is a sort of a methodology to regenerate the urban problem and to create a new story by re-interpreting existing situation in Cities and by giving ourselves over to accidental encounter and analise through personal experience of events happened around. This method originally came from French artistic political activity in ‘70s, the Internationale Situationniste’s methodology ‘dérive and it’s used for the inspiration of architectural space by the Diploma Unit10 in the Architectural Association, school of Architecture in ‘90s. That was a valuable combination for two hours of evocative talk and following creative discussion in the relaxed mood.

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