Visiting Workshop: For the Sake of Anyone Who We Might not Have Seen Yet ~ Season02

It’s second season of the Visiting Workshop: For the Sake of Anyone Who We Might not Have Seen Yet took place in the City of Takaoka, Toyama-prefecture where is 300 miles from Tokyo and facing at the Japan (East) Sea. Since having the Cinématic Architecture Tokyo’re impressed by the life of female characters featured in media such as films, books, animus and mangas in Hokuriku Area since after trying to illuminate the images of the city of Takaoka in the previous season. In consequence the theme of the workshop was set to extract and express that. The participants from inside and outside the area came along then talk and exchange the impressions about the media as an interface for both side. Then they expressed by making works and share them in two days.

Though the project initially happened as the local government ‘s interest in our plan in the previous year, a local non-profit organisation helped advertising and management as they went along with our idea at this time. The workshop became a place for exchange in diversity as people in different generation and profession got together because we rallied anyone who is interested in could casually come along regardless of whether they have certain skills and knowledges.

Th participants made new visual works came out with their interpretation and inspiration taken from the impression on the media features Toyama and Hokuriku. With the concept, illusion of the city we had last year as the base facing to the media focusing on life and dream of the women in Hokuriku another duendes which is different from general evaluations and meanings for the work itself appear to us. Furthermore, the participants were asked to express to the others by assembling the collected information, discovered materials, attractive and interesting elements fro them for their progression. Thoughts of architectural construction need to be used how to express and this process was supported by Cinématic Architecture Tokyo staff. And it is gratifying that they eventually realised the ‘joy of expression’.

During the workshop we looked around the area finding there are many types of civil activities on community-design (town-making) are going on based on the local tradition which is hardly happening in big cities.

*The title of the workshop ‘For the Sake of Anyone Who We Might not Have Seen Yet’ was taken from the phrase in the novel, ‘The Phoenix Tree ’ by Satoko Kizaki (1985).

The drawing on top by Madoka Nemugaki and the decalcomania by Erina Mori
Other expressions by Tomoko Shoji, Kyoko Sugano, Masao Yonehara, Madoka Nemugaki, Masumi Nakashima, Namio Ohmichi, Masumi Nemugaki
Produced by Keiichi Ogata

Special thanks to
Seiko yamashia, Kumiko Ohtsubo, Non Profit Organisation N-Project Hito, Michi, Machi (human, roads, town), Kanoh Ryohsuke (Guest House Honmacho No Ie), Asako Saeki (Art craft *Life Creation*), Shigeru Akeno

Supported by
The Art and Cultural Bureau of Toyama Prefecture, The Culture and Creation Bureau of Takaoka City, The Education Committee of Takaoka City, The Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners