Research: Shugakuin Rikyu Villa / Katsura Rikyu Villa

We visited two Cinématic Garden- Architectures in Kyoto to have an actual experience to analyse cinématic features they have. One is an elegant example, Sugakuin Rikyu Villa gives an opportunity of cinématic experience that visitor can journey through various scenes visually designed as same concept as English Landscape Gardens’. Another is Katsura Rikyu Villa in which many well-known architects including Bruno Taut admired its aesthetics of each building’s compositions being set in the garden even it is smaller than Shugakuin Rikyu Villa.

Shugakuin Rikyu Villa has actually the mechanism works that assemble of still images becomes a movie if we view the whole garden as one huge space when we have a journey following one hour program set by the National Imperial Household Agency. It can be deemed as same concept as English Landscape gardens such as the Stourhead, Wiltshire (photograph bellow left). Maybe the difference is that all the buildings like cottages, tea-houses or turrets in two Villas can be used as architecture on the other hand the Follies in the English landscape gardens are more to see from outside as a component of the garden and not used as building. Therefore the views from inside the space are included in the visual program as one of the elements of Japanese gardens. And passengers’s personal memories stay put in each places in the garden and the narratives are produced in both types of Japanese and English gardens.