Visiting Workshop|(re)DISCOVER YOKOHAMA Season03

“The future is forever a projection of the present.”
― Kōbō Abe, Inter Ice Age 4, 1959

The third season’s workshop program kept on aiming for making visible the images of the city of Yokohama and studying how the media represented them such as in films, animes, literatures and mangas overlaying an urban planning scheme, the Six Spine Urban Projects in Yokohama though it is hard to see them at a glance, having interdisciplinary interaction and sharing sensibility.

Incorporating proactive urban scheme of the City of Yokohama as well as architectures and urban landscape designs, because of our exploration on the character of Yokohama in which many science fictions and fantasy dramas in near future were made, we set the subject as futurity and fantasy on the City of Yokohama, naming it’s sub title as “Look at the Chrystal Ball!” We frequently attended to Yokohama throughout the year, we sedately studied the city and the media belongs to it adding the essence of the theories of cultural representation, architecture, urbanism, art and film.

Practically, we had an excursion to Kohoku New Town where became on location for some animes contemplating their source of fantasy, and to the Yokohama Museum of Art for a contemporary poet, Tahi Saihate’s exhibition to receive creative inspirations. Also, an assistant professor of the National University of Singapore, Simone Shu-Yeng Chung visited the workshop session as an international exchange. It was fulfilling season inviting many people came from different kinds of expertises and fields.

Surpported by
Yokohama Arts Foundation, Japan Society of Urban and Regional Planners

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